My trip to WordCamp US to interview Women in Tech

My trip to WordCamp started off with me and my dad waking up at 5 o’clock in the morning. After that, we had to take our car to the airport. After dropping our car off at the airport, we went inside and got our tickets, and our bags tagged and taken. Next, we had to go wait by the entrance of the plane. We waited for about 20 to 30 minute. Once we got on the plane, I got very nervous. We took off and everything started to look like little figurines and I thought that it was the coolest thing.

Once we landed in Texas, we walked around and we saw all the cool stores that were in the Dallas, TX airport. In the airport there was a sky train we took that to get to our next plane. Our ride from Texas to Tennessee was roughly an hour and a half to two-hour plane ride.

Once we got to Tennessee, we met up with some of my dad’s friends. After finding them, we all took an Uber to our hotel because we all stayed in the same one. Once we checked in, we decided to go out to eat at this place called Stillery. We all had really delicious food then we left and walked back to our hotel. Once we got back to the hotel we decided to rest for a little bit, and then we got ready to go to the gym and pool. After we went to the gym and pool, we decided we would go to the club lounge.

The club lounge was very nice. It has tables and a couch and they have food all day. They also have a coffee and hot chocolate maker. They even had a bunch of mini fridges full of drinks and snacks. They said, “Because you have a mini fridge in your room, go ahead and take what you would like back to your hotel room.” We ended up taking bananas, waters, and yogurts back to our room. After that exhausting day, we went to bed in our hotel room.

The next morning was Friday and we woke up a bit later than planned. We walked over to the music center for our first day of the WordCamp. The WordCamp is really cool because they had an area called The Hallway Track. That area they had a bunch of booths with free merchandise from companies that wanted to talk to them at their booths and get a branded item from them, I got some cool stuff. After going through The Hallway Track and conducting the first round of interviews, we went up to the third floor and they provided us with a big lunch. After eating lunch, we went to some of the sessions. My dad and I went to two different sessions on titled – “Gender-fair WordPress: Fixing translation inequality at the core.” where we learned that when translating a sentence that has pronouns things get lost in translation and most languages have male pronouns for different reasons. We were late to that session so we only got to see about three-quarters of it, but the second session we stayed the whole time, that one was called “The Importance of Information Architecture: How to Organise Content to Improve User Experience” my dad works at a church and he has to organize a bunch of stuff in WordPress for them. I was getting a bit tired because of the time change and I decided that I wanted to go back to the hotel and rest a while. My dad dropped me off and went back for his last session of the day while I took a nap back in the hotel room. He watched the session called “Gutenberg and the WordPress of Tomorrow” about this technology called Gutenberg that all the WordPress people were talking about quite a bit.

Later that night after my dad picked me up, we went with some of his friends to a really good looking restaurant. We ate dinner and went back to the gym and a pool. By then we were getting tired so we decided to watch a movie in our room.

The next morning was Saturday, and that was our last full day in Nashville, Tennessee. That day we woke up and we decided to go to the restaurant that was downstairs in the lobby of the hotel. The food there was delicious. After eating at the hotel, we went back to the music center for the conference, and we got more of people’s merchandise. By then, it was time for lunch and we had an amazing meal with some of our friends. After going to lunch, we went to The Hallway Track, I sent out more text messages to people and got some people to come to the couch area that Blue Host let us use. They were the ones that helped pay for our trip out to WordCamp US and they were nice enough to send us on their dime out. On the couch, I conducted some more interviews which brought a bunch of people to the booth. We even did some interviews in the line waiting for caricatures that this company was paid an artist to do for the attendees. After doing several more interviews, we went to two sessions. The speaker for the first session was Brianna Privett who is my dad’s friend. She talked about “The Story of Your Life: Using WordPress as Your Memory Warehouse” and she talked about how to use a private WordPress site to save things you want private yet want to save and remember for later in life. Then we went to our second and final session of the day where they talked more about Gutenberg and the owner of Automattic, the company that makes WordPress Matt Mullenweg talked to the huge audience and live-streamed out to the internet. After our last session, we went back to the Hallway Track and did a couple more interviews.

After doing our final interviews we went back to our hotel with my dad’s friends and got ready to go out to dinner because it was getting kind of late. We went to a burger place called the Burger Republic and it was really good. After dinner, we took an Uber over to the Adventure Science Center for the WordCamp US after-party. It was really cool because it was a lot of adults running around a child’s museum has a lot of fun! It was really interesting because they had a lot of different things to do there. We left the after party and went back to the room and fell asleep.

The next morning I woke up to a lady saying what we got for our room service breakfast. Room service was very interesting because I’ve never had it before. After eating breakfast, we decided that we had to finish packing our bags. When we finish packing our bags, we went downstairs to go get some drinks for the morning ride to the airport. Our flight home took us all the way from Tennessee to Texas where we had a 3-hour layover which wasn’t so bad once we stocked up on snacks. The plane ride back to California took about 3 hours.

Once we got back to California, we picked up our luggage, went to the car and got dinner. We ate at Bakers and headed back home. We caught up on some interesting things that happened to my mom while we were gone.

That is the story of my first trip to WordCamp US in Nashville, Tennessee. As you can see, my trip was very exciting. And it may not seem like it, but I did learn a lot of interesting things.

In an earlier blog post I did I asked women attending WordCamp US to submit their contact information for me to contact them during the event, I received 28 responses! I had enough time to interview 13 women in tech that are involved in WordPress while at WordCamp US in Nashville Tennessee and I hope to somehow interview more online and at other tech conferences that my dad attends to learn more about the different ways tech is used in people careers.

Read more about our adventure from my dad’s point of view over here:

WordCamp US in Nashville 2017 with my 12 year old daughter by my side

Watch all of my interviews of Women In Tech that I did over at WordCamp US 2017

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